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Sarah Buckland

Sarah Buckland lives in Dartington where she home educates her 2 children. Sarah has just finished 2 years training to be a Macrobiotic Health Coach, Wholefoods chef and Wellbeing Shiatsu Practitioner and will be providing the food at this retreat.


Sarah has been using food to

Look after her health and those around her since learning ‘we are what we eat’ in primary school but she found that despite taking great care to follow western nutritional advice and the latest research her health and wellbeing was not as good as the experts suggested it should be. Her diet was becoming increasingly restrictive due to allergies and intolerances, digestive issues and anxiety.


Then Sarah discovered the holistic macrobiotic approach to life and health , thinking about the energetic properties of food and cooking techniques but also her personal constitution that she was born with and the condition she had got her body into with the foods she had been eating it all made a lot more sense. Sarah found her diet became far less restrictive and her health and well-being came back into balance with allergies and anxiety disappearing.


Following her training Sarah is now able to offer her professional cooking and healing to others. An excellent Wholefood Chef, she will be cooking delicious, healthy food on this retreat. Her Health Coach training rooted in eastern medicine has enabled her to devise a menu specifically to meet the needs of pre and post natal women. So simply by enjoying your meals on this retreat you will gain understanding of what kind of tastes, ingredients and cooking styles will nourish you at this special time, enabling you to be more

Conscious in your eating to better support you through your pregnancy and beyond into parenthood for a happier, less depleted time post birth. 


The dishes served at this retreat will be full of fresh, organic, whole food ingredients with simple seasonings to enhance the natural flavours and prepared with love by Sarah to maximise the amount of energy or ki they give you. Nourishing your water and earth energy. Largely plant based dishes will include seasonal soups, casseroles, whole grains, vegetables with a Japanese influence, did we mention the healthy desserts like lemon mousse. 

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