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Love and Life After Birth

How to create a family culture where everyone thrives.


6-9th of July 2023 Eden Rise near Totnes Devon

​Are you expecting a baby?  
Have you been focusing mainly on preparing for the Birth?
Birth is a momentous event, for you and all involved.
It is also the doorway to the even more significant experience awaiting you:
Becoming a parent, or being a new parent again.
Are you prepared for this? 


For the immense love...the delights of discovering
the minute details of your baby's face...
the feel of their soft skin on your cheek.....
the heavenly smell of their head....
and the sense of Wonder...and Awe...

And also for the powerlessness and frustration
when you don't understand their needs and
they won't sleep or stop crying.....

Are you prepared for the vulnerability you may feel, faced with the uncertainty of entering (or re-entering) this new and often challenging territory, and the reactivity this may bring to your relationships? 

Do you know the values and qualities you want to bring to your parenting? 

Your baby matters! You matter too and so does your union!
How will you navigate the changes to your identity, roles and relationship? 
How will you ensure your non-negotiable needs are met, once your baby is here? 

Whilst no one can predict the twists and turns of your unique parenting path, this retreat will equip you with some essential skills and knowledge to help you create a family culture where everyone can thrive and where you can

 navigate the challenges that will undoubtedly arise in your lives as parents. 

It will provide the chance to fortify your connection to each other and your baby and plan your family's dreams and goals, based on the values that are truly important to you. 

Alongside these explorations, there will be plenty of time for good food, enjoyable activities, laughter and relaxation, for connecting with other expectant parents and building friendships that may be enjoyed for many years to come.

There will be an opportunity to keep meeting and learning together, as your parenting journey unfolds. 

A Delicate Transition

"There were many conversations about parenthood I wished we'd had before our first daughter arrived, rather than trying to hash through them when we were both sleep deprived and stretched to our limit after our baby was born"
'Nearly every parent I have spoken to, whether friend or client, has shared similar stories about the challenging transition to parenthood and how unprepared they felt for the massive life changes.'
The top reason couples break-up within a year of their child's birth: 
  'We stopped communicating properly about anything'
'Dr. Gottman’s research suggests at least four hurdles with the potential to trip up your marriage. You’ll have a better chance at surmounting them, however, if you have strategic conversations with your partner before the baby comes along, or very soon thereafter.
  1.  You may not be aware of how the baby changes your family and individual identity.
  2.  You may not talk about the tensions a new baby causes.
  3.  You may not take care of your health and well-being as individuals or as a couple.
  4. New fathers will sometimes withdraw. '
Dr Gottman's solutions to the above hurdles.:


Gorgeous Setting... Gorgeous Food...

 Eden Rise: “A place for inspiration, celebration and gratitude where visitors can reconnect to the earth and receive nourishment of body, heart and spirit.”

Organic, seasonal, largely plant based dishes, lovingly created and prepared by nutritionist and cook Florence Seck

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Full Schedule

All activities are optional
At any point during the retreat, but especially during the free time sessions, you can wander around the stunning 7 acres of land surrounding the centre, and enjoy a relaxing massage/treatment. In the evening you will be able to enjoy tea and chats in the comfy lounge or by the fire, weather permitting.
3 pm: Arrival, tea and snack
3.30::  Relaxation. welcoming circle, introductions and practicalities 
6.15 pm Supper
 7.45 Coaching session
9.15-12.45  Morning practices and Coaching session 
Tea break at 11 am
1 pm Lunch 
 Free time/River paddle/Walk /Massages/treatments 
4 pm: Coaching session 
6.15 pm: Supper
7.45 Social time/sauna etc.
9.15-12.45 Morning practices and Coaching circle 
Tea break at 11 am.
1 pm Lunch 
 Free time/River paddle/Walk /Massages/treatments 
4 pm: coaching session
6.15 pm: Supper
7.45 Dance with DJ Charlaquin
9.15-12.45 Coaching circle.
1 pm Lunch
Tidying our beautiful space and gentle clean together
Packing our belongings.
3 pm Labyrinth Walk followed by Closing circle
 4 pm: Returning home, feeling connected, nourished and excited about our life

Cost; Fom £480 per couple/co-parents for:
- 2 Zoom calls,
- 4 days of all in-person activities and

delicious meals (most special diets can be catered for).

Accommodation within two beautifully converted barns: from £150 per couple/co-parents. Non-residential possible. Please  'view gallery' for images of the accommodation

Massages, treatments, and counselling are an extra cost (from £25). 


There are only 2 places available now on the retreat (2 couples/co-parents) including 1 low-cost place. Please get in touch with Olivia to apply for the subsidised places. 


A deposit of £200 secures your place.
An instalment plan is available. 

Meet the Team


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