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Olivia Seck

Matresence Coaching, Parenting Preparation and Support, Gentle and Impactful Fear & Birth Trauma Release.

One to One sessions and groups in person and online. Retreats in beautiful locations in the UK and abroad.


About Olivia

Pregnancy, Birth and early Parenting have been a passion of mine for ever it seems.
I attended my first birth at 17, ran my first workshop for expectant mamas at 34 and was a Birth/postnatal doula and doula trainer for over 2 decades.

During that time as well as raising my 4 children, I also trained in many modalities such as Counselling, EFT, TAT, HypnoBirthing, Hypnotherapy and Coaching and offered those skills in my groups and one to one sessions. 


In 2011,  I founded and still co-run Radiant Mama, a Devon project that offers emotional and practical support, to pregnant and new mothers– all on a donation basis. ( 

Being a woman and a mother in the 21st century has been a deep enquiry in my personal and professional life. I have been particularly interested in the Matrescence passage, the physical, emotional, hormonal and social transition to becoming a mother. 

I eventually specialised in Matrescence coaching, facilitating pre and postnatal support groups and supporting women and couples who had experienced Birth trauma. 

I discovered Havening at the beginning of the Pandemic, a time when there was so much trauma and mental health challenges in the Birthing Community, whether for expecting and new parents or the professionals attending them. Havening felt like the missing key. So much powerful healing in this gentle tool! It completely changed my practice.

I have been especially touched by the impact of Havening in the field of Birth trauma, but also in promoting resilience in Pregnancy and Parenting, better births experiences and more harmonious relationships between parents. 

Havening, counselling and coaching are now some of my main tools and I use them to create more resourced and happier families for a more peaceful and loving world.

I live in Devon with my older son and his cat, regularly visited by my 3 other grown up children.

As well as offering one to one sessions and small groups in person and online, I run coaching retreats for pregnant women and parents-to-be in beautiful locations with a wonderful team of practitioners. 


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