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Love and Life After Birth

A six week Course

Are you expecting a baby? 

Have you been focusing mainly on preparing for the Birth?


Birth is a very significant event in a woman/couple's life. It is also the doorway to the even bigger experience awaiting you:


Being a Parent to your Baby. 

Are you prepared for that? 


For the immense love...the delights of discovering the minute details of your baby's face... the feel of his soft skin on your cheek.....the heavenly smell of her head....

and the sense of Wonder...and Awe...


And also for the powerlessness and frustration when she won't sleep or stop crying...

of not understanding him and his needs.....

the anxiety.... the exhaustion.....the self-doubt....the aloneness.


Do you have the skills you need and a map to take with you as you enter this completely new and often challenging territory?


Whilst no-one can predict all the twists and turns of your unique journey, the right knowledge, skills, approach and support can help you feel equipped for it.

What will the Love & Life Course do for you?

The course will show you how to bring more joy, relaxation, connection and ease to the first 6 weeks after the Birth - the special and crucial time when the foundations of families well-being and long term health are laid.


It will also equip you to meet the stressful moments and the challenges with greater calm and confidence.


By the end of the course, you will have: 

• a map and a plan for your postnatal period

• a good knowledge of what the postnatal period entails

• a sound set of skills to help you meet your baby and your life

  as a new parent from a calmer, resourced, empowered place. 


Whilst the course is based on the latest research and development in the field of pre and perinatal psychology, neuroscience, mindfulness and energy medicine, it is designed to help you access your inner wisdom and to parent according to your deepest values.


Regardless of your style of parenting, this course will help you be a better parent to a more peaceful and contented baby.

A Delicate Passage

She is a mother now.

She has been through the initiation of birth

And on her breasts lies her newborn.

The labour was long and it took everything she had to complete it. She had been well prepared and resourceful, but now she feels both elated and deeply exhausted. 

Where is her cave where she can rest and renew herself? All she wants is to lie quietly and stare at this miracle of life she holds in her arms. Where are her helpers to attend to her needs and guide her on this journey to the heart of mothering? Such unfamiliar territory!       

She ‘ll be going home soon, away from the brightness and the noise of the hospital. But who’ll take care of her there? The new father? The birth was challenging for him too and he looks as exhausted and unsure as she feels now. 

Inside her belly starts a rumbling, a groaning, a calling for ancient ways...a community of sisters surrounding her.... rituals honouring her return and welcoming the child...tender hands massaging her strained body....the comforting smell of food cooking...crackling fires warming deep inside... wise mothers gently guiding...

The call echoes around the white hospital walls, unanswered.

She did really appreciate the midwives, they have been so caring within their busy schedules, and she knows the health visitor will come and visit for a while. But as she enters her empty home later, holding her precious bundle and her partner’s hand, she feels a deep aloneness and a sort of anxiety which she will feel many times on her

Mothering path

Course Format

• 4 in person or live 90mn interactive zoom calls where you can also bring your questions ( recordings available), 

• 6 modules or audio tracks covering essential knowledge and skills

• access to very informative articles

Course Content  

•  The postnatal period: What is it and why does it matter? 

•  Family Happiness: How to get everyone’s needs met.

•  What really matters to you? Creating your postpartum core statement

•  Your postnatal plan:

•  Landing and Recovery

•  Sleeping ( parents and babies)

•  Calming and Settling baby

•  Feeding

•  Love, Sex and Intimacy

•  Letting yourself be held: Creating a web of support.


Essential Skills

•  The Power of Pausing.

•  Moving from stress to calm in 90 seconds

•  Responding rather than reacting.    
•  Managing your energy to be the best parent
•  The Calms technique
•  Self-compassion
•  50/50

•  Communication skills for parents


Introductory offer 50% discount: £120 including partners/fathers.

Payment plans are available if necessary. We want this course to be accessible so please get in touch if finances would be an obstacle and we'll see what we can work out together.

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