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Taroudant, Morocco

Self-renewal women's retreat &

cultural holiday in Morocco

Do you need a holiday? To relax, enjoy being in your body, have time for yourself and be inspired by new discoveries and people?


Come and join us on our wonderful retreat and cultural holiday in Morroco.  An oasis of rest, a delight for the senses, an opportunity to remember the joy of life.

This exotic trip combines:

• A truly Magical Holiday with amazing excursions and experiences (optional)

• Daily coaching with Olivia, holistic women’s coach and founder of Radiant Mama.​

Retreat Info​


Holidays with Heart offers a wide range of activities to support your relaxation including argan oil massages, therapeutic and fun visits to the hammam and much, much more for fair prices. Please visit HERE for a full price list.


Limited places available. Book early to get good flight prices, but please do NOT book flights until we give the go-ahead! Once you have booked we will then send you the payment schedule (split into 3 instalments. £100 deposit) & then we send lots of useful advice - we have 20 years’ experience behind us.


You'll receive plenty of support from owner with 20 years’ experience of Morocco. A chance to buy some beautiful handcrafted items, food and other delights in the souks. Explore the fascinating culture with the help of delightful guides or choose to laze in the sun


Thanks to the care of the staff, good medical facilities (no compulsory vaccinations), safe water as well as the town being small, relaxed and friendly with few tourists and Morocco’s record for safety. Good WiFi and mobile network.  Short, inexpensive flight. Compared with Europe, better value for money


At any point during the retreat, but especially during the free time sessions, you can wander around the stunning 7 acres of land surrounding the centre, use the sauna for detoxing or book in for a relaxing massage. In the evening, weather permitting, you will be able to enjoy a relaxing drink by the fire.

Join us at

La Maison Anglaise

We will spend 7 nights in the delightful town of Taroudant (well away from tourism, but still closer to the Agadir airport) with our hosts, Holidays with Heart.  They organize our visit, offer an exceptional menu of local, healthy food, and are highly rated for their sustainability and active support of local community, craft and conservation projects. 

Bookings & Enquiries


It was a wonderful week - lovely company, comfortable accommodation and delicious food.  The staff at La Maison Anglaise were so helpful and welcoming. I loved the balance between activity and rest and how we could change it for ourselves at any time. Some of us fitted in so much and some (like me) really enjoyed some space and stillness.

I really appreciated the yoga sessions that Uma led, and I definitely benefited from them. Olivia‘s coaching sessions were very thought provoking and really helped me re-connect to what I need to prioritise for myself. And on top of all of that was the excellent company of all the women - we all got on so well!

A big THANK YOU to Olivia for getting us all together and making this happen!


My experience was full of adventure. Exploring the streets of Taroudant - on foot and via the horse drawn cart, learning about the agriculture along the walk to the oasis, smashing argan nuts with rocks, waking up and checking into my body with yoga and tapping, and tasting all of the unique flavours of the Moroccan food. Visiting the orphanage was a humbling experience and I was so happy to be able to take them some donations of nappies and clothes to help them, cuddling the babies was lovely - sharing some love with them. The argan cooperative was inspiring to see. Women gaining independence and autonomy through working hard and reaping the benefits. I was happy to buy some products to support them. 

The staff at La Maison Anglaise were so lovely and helpful. Nothing seemed to be too much trouble. Even taking us all to the souk shopping!! Finally, what a wonderful group of women I was lucky enough to share this special week with. I felt relaxed and comfortable to just be myself and share with everyone. Thank you,Olivia, for facilitating this opportunity and experience. I will treasure it and take forward the guidance I received. I am already seeing the benefits in my interactions with my boys.

Appreciations: The group and how it gelled immediately under the catalyst of Olivia. Coaching and the gentle but determined way it was done. Opportunities for Yoga which I enjoyed when I attended. The wonderful service of M. Said and Mme. Latifa at La Maison Anglaise. Really felt like nothing was too much trouble or if it wasn’t possible there was a jolly good reason why not. The outings which I had initially planned on not joining but did - oasis - shopping. Workshops - babouches- the morning spent in the market starting to make them. Am wearing them today 😊 . Hammam x 2 - loved the women only public bath experience, feeling silky smooth and clean afterwards was a bonus.


Amazing experience: I was able to experience a little bit of everything I needed. Our group, the guest house and staff and the experiences I shared, or had on my own were a blessing. Being able to experience some of the real Morocco was great, not just a holiday. Gaining an insight into some of the culture and day to day life was such a pleasure and eye opener. Time to share or take moments alone was all in balance and nothing was overwhelming or a struggle.... except perhaps the limited sleep but hey, i don't sleep that well at home either. My body was fed, my mind had space to clear and float and my heart was warmed by the love and support we all shared..... I loved it.... so thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to share this wonderful adventure.... Many many blessings to you and all that shared this time together. Would I do it again? Absolutely yes!



Really rewarding in many ways;  the friendly staff, the enriching trips and cultural experiences, aswell as the enlightening coaching with Olivia. Altogether with the company of the all the women together it was a fantastic experience.


The Retreat Team

Screenshot 2019-10-31 18.24.54.png

Olivia Seck

Olivia has been supporting and empowering women and families for over 25 years, as a birth practitioner and trainer, a women’s counsellor and holistic women’s coach. Her commitment to creating community has included facilitating women’s circles, organising holistic family holidays and founding Radiant Mama in 2008.


‘Olivia possesses a very rare gift of deep intuition and an ability to navigate and guide a situation with no judgement, only love and respect, leaving the women and men she supports feeling empowered and ready to take on the challenges that their lives will throw at them with solid tools in place and self care at the core”. Savannah Miller


Holidays with Heart

We love working with these eight charming English-speaking Moroccan staff experienced in running successful group holidays. 


“If only there were more places like this: a medina house run by locals offering a rare glimpse into Moroccan life. They offer skilled guides, exciting cultural experiences and delicious Moroccan meals.”  Lonely Planet


The cost of £460 includes

- accommodation for 7 nights at La Maison Anglaise in twin/double bedroom (singles may be possible for £120 supplement),

- airport transfers from and to Agadir airport on the agreed flights, delicious breakfast and evening meal,

- a visit to the Hammam, the local steam baths (see our blog for tales of this favourite activity), 

- a “Feast for the senses” on the last evening

and the support of the wonderful Moroccan staff and tuition. Dinners at La Maison Anglaise are vegetarian, with meat and fish available for a small supplement of 20dh (about £1.60)

Cost excludes travel insurance, tips, additional activities, lunches and flights.

Flights from the UK cost from £100 return.


Contact us to check for availability, book your place or get more information.​

Bookings & Enquiries
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